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Capital Market Expectations

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Successful Investing Radio can be thought of as giving back to the community by Ken and Jack sharing their knowledge and experiences of the investment world. The purpose of “Successful Investing” is to educate the public on investment and financial planning topics. It is often thought people need vast wealth to justify the need of professional advice but in reality everyone can benefit no matter their level of wealth. This professional advice can take many forms such as the personal face-to-face interaction, by phone or over the Internet. Successful investing is learning from practical experience.

Ken and Jack created this show out of frustration with the mainstream financial media. In discussing why they created this show Ken has stated, “Investors often find that it is difficult to differentiate between financial entertainment and solid financial advice.”  “Successful Investing” is our way of educating investors on the scientific way to invest; “it is our goal to have a positive impact on the communities we serve by sharing sound insights.”  


Empirical Wealth Management offers financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families. We provide help and guidance to those who are interested in effectively preserving and growing their wealth.

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